4 Session Virtual Essay Package

Looking for help with developing and perfecting your college essay(s), application supplements, or graduate school personal statement? The 4 Session Virtual Essay Package is just for you!

STEP 1: Fill out Student Questionnaire and Essay Brainstorming Worksheet
Counselor Session 1: Introductions/Review Essay Brainstorming

STEP 2: Create outline/first draft for 3 possible essay ideas
Counselor Session 2: Review 3 drafts; determine "winner"

STEP 3: Write full draft of essay
Counselor Session 3: Review full draft

STEP 4:  Make revisions on draft, based on counselor feedback
Counselor Session 4: Review final draft

STEP 5: Revise and submit final draft


Please note that most essays can be reviewed within 24 hours of submission, and this package includes 4 1-Hour sessions with support before and after each session. Sessions are conducted via phone, FaceTime or Skype, with phone and email support available in between.


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