Why should I use Grey Guidance? Grey Guidance offers individual guidance to meet your personal needs and timeline, provides support from a counselor with an expertise in colleges and universities and with in-depth experience working with clients in the counseling role, offers flexible scheduling and communication options, and provides you with a counselor who cares about your decisions about your future as much as you do.  Emily also works very hard to try to provide support in the way today's students are most interested in receiving it, through both traditional methods (e.g., individual meetings and phone conversations) as well as methods more relevant to today's generation of students (e.g., text message reminders). She tries to remain as accessible to students and families as possible, especially during the peak times of the stress and anxiety that is associated with the college admissions process.

What are the benefits of using Grey Guidance over my high school's resources or over navigating the process myself?  The average public school counselor is responsible for 300+ students each year.  In using Grey Guidance, you will be provided with guidance specifically catered to you, your individual interests and experiences, and your college application and selection goals.  With 4000+ colleges and universities in the U.S., it can be difficult to fully explore all of your options.  You will receive one-on-one counseling as well as support via email in order to ease the stress of the application process and make sure that you are aware of all deadlines, requirements, and processes.  In addition, if applicable, the college counseling services will provide you with opportunities to connect with current students, administrators, and faculty at the colleges you might be interested in.

When is the "ideal" time to begin the college counseling and application process?  While there is not necessarily a "perfect" time to begin, most students begin the college counseling process during their junior year of high school.  Students in their freshman or sophomore years, though, can also use these resources to prepare for what's ahead, and navigate their high school experiences to best align with college criteria.  Grey Guidance also works with graduating seniors, emphasizing planning and organization.


Is Grey Guidance worth the cost?  In choosing to use Grey Guidance, you are eliminating the extra costs and uncertainty associated with navigating the college application process on your own.  These might include lack of knowledge about upcoming deadlines and events, the cost of books and supplemental resources, the costs of participating in non-targeted exploration of your options without adequate preparation for making the most of them, the costs of subscriptions to online search tools, and the risks associated with using a "cookie cutter" approach to the process which may not reflect your individual needs.  In addition, you are receiving invaluable support and resources, unlimited access to a counselor to ask as many questions as you need, and support from a counselor who cares about your college applications and final decision as much as you do.

What if I am unsure if Grey Guidance is appropriate for me?  If you are unsure about whether or not Grey Guidance might be appropriate for you, feel free to contact Grey Guidance with your questions, concerns, and thoughts.  You will receive a response within 24 hours, and you can then decide at that point whether to move forward with Grey Guidance services.