What is Grey Guidance?

Grey Guidance is a college counseling organization dedicated to helping current and future students navigate the college application and decision-making process.  Grey Guidance works with high school students who are exploring college options, existing college students who are exploring transfer options, and working professionals who are exploring graduate school options.

What makes Emily at Grey Guidance unique?

In addition to knowing the ins and outs of the college exploration and application process, Emily works very hard to provide support in the way today's students are most interested in receiving it, through both traditional methods (e.g., structured individual and family meetings) as well as methods more relevant to today's generation of students (e.g., text message or Facebook reminders, Skype conversations). She tries to remain as accessible to students and families as possible, especially during the peak times of the stress and anxiety that is associated with the college admissions process. 

What type of support is available?

  • Course and extracurricular planning
  • College lists 
  • Development of application materials
  • Essay idea development and editing
  • College major exploration 
  • Making the final decision

Please feel free to review the list of services above in order to figure out which option might best fit your needs.